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The website that you are browsing through at the moment was designed and coded by myself. I have a very broad knowledge of the process of web design; from marking out the layout to setting up the domain and hosting. After many years of completing courses and tutorials on the different languages in Web Design, I am well-versed in HTML5, CSS, Python, Javascript, PHP, C++ and SQL. My understanding of these languages allows me to let my creative juices flow and develop a website that I will be exceptionally proud of.

In addition to designing my own freelancing website, I have also designed websites for the companies such as Advanced Business Technology Systems aswell as local community centre's such the Mount Merrion Community Centre. All of the websites that I develop always include a multitude of languages so as to present a high quality and efficient workspace for the company and their clients. Each website presents a wide range of requirements, including the need for an online store, a means of updating information quickly and regularly. Bearing this in mind, I always ensure that the website presents a high level of user-friendliness for everyone on both mobile devices and larger screens.

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